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The beginning of the coffee industry in Indonesia can be traced back to the arrival of Arabica coffee on the shore of Java in 1699. although the native farmers of Java were the first to cultivate the Arabica, it soon spread through out many provinces of Indonesia. By 1712, years of harvesting provided the first bag of Indonesian coffee to be exported to Amsterdam. Over the years as export began to grow so did the reputation of the “Java Coffee” as a high quality product.

Robusta coffee was introduced in East Java in 1900 and it grew rapidly in Java and other major islands of Indonesia. Planting activity has been increased by coffee farmers in Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali and Nusa Tenggara. The fertile land, suitable climate, skilled planters and the experienced estate in implementing technology have enable coffee production to rise steadily to meet the demands of the world coffee market.

Over the years, Indonesia-grown coffee has become an ever more important factor in the world market. Indonesia is far and away the world’s leading producers of Robusta varieties.

Now, however, the demand for Arabica coffee is increasing, accordingly, Indonesian growers are planting more Arabica. And more prominence is being given to the marketing of such distinguished Arabica varieties as Kalossi from Toraja, Mandhelling from Medan, and Java coffee.

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