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Association of Indonesia Coffee Exporters

With more than 85% of Indonesian coffee fields located south of the equator, over 3,6 million smallholders benefit from the climate conditions of the Indonesian archipelago. Months of enriching rain and sun ensure between April and September and abundance of quality beans are harvested. In area north of the equator, such as Aceh and North Sumatra, harvesting takes place between October and February. And in several highlands throughout the country such as Gayo Mountain (Aceh), Mandheling Lintong (Medan), Kintamani (Bali), and Toraja (Ujung Pandang) Arabica coffee has been successfully cultivated and harvested.

Once the coffee has been harvested smallholders use dry processing techniques to produce bean shipment to coffee exporters. On the other hand, estate coffee is usually wet smallholders it is than brought to the exporters warehouse or processing plant for its final preparation in order to meet customer requirements abroad.

Harvesting and processing are made more expedient through the financial and technical assistance supplied by both The Association Indonesia Coffee Exporters (AICE). The AICE’s 12 regional offices not only provide coffee growers current and useful information but accessible assistance throughout the year.

The coordination among the Indonesian government, the AICE and the millions of smallholders and estates has been lead to a national production of between 7 and 8 million bags (420.000-480.000 ton) of coffee a year on a total planted area of approximately 1.065.438 hectares. Approximately 90% or comprising roughly 10% of total production. Arabica production will increase in the highlands around the country. Year of experience in harvesting and processing make Indonesian coffee both efficient and affordable.

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